Child Diabetes Fund – Omnichannel Campaign

Pro-bono project for the swedish Child Diabetes fund which resulted in 27 million SEK donate towards curing diabetes type 1.

Project was interesting because we run a introductionary campaign to raise funds from company donations to make the large campaign. The first campaign generated approx. 3 million SEK which we then used to produce the large campaign to generate more than 27 million SEK in pure donations for the fund.

The campaign centered around a 20 minute short film which tells the story of a little girl who has diabetes typ 1 and how 24 hours in her life looks like.

This film lived on a campaign site with a easy to donate system. To drive traffic to the site we produced content for social media, DSP and TVC based on the original short film.

Simultaneously press and media was worked on with help of guerilla marketing.

Short film "To live with Diabetes Typ 1"